Welcome to South Lincolnshire Wildfowlers Club

Welcome to South Lincolnshire
Wildfolwers Club

South Lincolnshire Wildfowlers Club was formed in 1952 and offers its members true coastal wildfowling around the western edge of the Wash.

Wildfowling is not for the faint hearted, it is often a solitary pursuit of a quarry in an environment in which both time and tide are against you. Successful wildfowlers need true fieldcraft as well as an intimate knowledge of their surroundings.
Most wildfowling is on muddy or sandy estuaries. The higher parts will be green marsh or saltings with plants such as grasses and samphire. The lower parts or foreshore will be mud or sand.

The sea and seashores of estuaries are rich in plant and animal life and support large numbers of birds, many roost and feed on the Wash e.g. waders and some duck, others such as geese roost here and feed mostly inland.